Monday, May 16, 2016

All in a Row

This Spring has been particularly cold and rainy, and the garden had a very late start. While I typically sow seeds in mid-March, I waited another full month after that - and even then I was worried they might not make it. Yet so far, everything is slowly, but surely, coming into its own. First on my list in the Spring are always snow peas, my favorite mangetout and an absolute pleasure to the eye as well:

Spring Snow Peas

A new packet of "Rainbow Lights" Swiss chard has provided dainty rows of these little darlings, who only need a while longer to be snackable:

My supply of nasturtium seeds is starting to dwindle, but I sowed a single row in any case - after all, how else would I be able to harvest and save more seeds? I was so relieved to see their lily-pad leaves standing proudly in the sun. Not only will the flowers be edible, but the leaves will make a spicy pesto one day:

Even better? Without my thought, planning, worry, or effort, both the chamomile and the borage reseeded themselves in abundance, taking up a whole bed of their own:

So, even if it's late in the game, even if you've never tried, get a few packets and plant some seeds - a little care, watering, and time will still give you results you never expected. And the reward of seeing things grow will far exceed your expectations, too :-)


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  1. Absolutely correct! I'm supposed to be frost free today amd have tomatoes and peppers that are huge really wanting to go into the garden. Garden is ready. Jack Frost apparently requires a few more days! :(


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