Other Writing

I love to write, and have greatly enjoyed publishing fiction and nonfiction over on Medium. There are thoughts, essays, stories, and other sundries that are quite different from what you'll find on this blog! But I believe diversification is a powerful creative tool, and I'm thrilled to have a way to share these pieces with you. Interested in having me write for you? Please email me!


Skinny Tails and Second Dinners


The Reflection

Banta Yari

The Spider

Them Apples

The Keys

The Neighbor

Looking for a Boy


Kill All Your Darlings — And Delete Those Unwanted Drafts, Too

How I Fail to Make Ends Meet on Only $1300 a Month — And Why I Keep Trying Anyway

Did I Just Give You the Stink Eye? Let Me Explain...

When in Doubt, Choose the Geranium

The Magical World of "The Great British Baking Show"

I Use My Blog for Blogging (and Medium for Everything Else)

In the Mix

Dirty Secrets

You Shall Go to the Ball

Where's the Proof?


Please share your thoughts and experience!