Thursday, February 05, 2015

10 Little Buttons: How to Make a Country Heart Garland

I had ten little buttons—RED buttons, the only ten of their kind in a multi-pack of assorted buttons. They were petite, pretty, and instead of saving them in a jar like some crazy button-hoarder, I wanted to use them! Being red, a Christmas craft was the obvious answer, but then again...

Country Heart Garland handmade felt buttons valentine's day

It was a simple idea, very "country" in style, and easy to execute. And there's no reason it can't adorn a Christmas tree when the time comes. But for now, it will be festive in February for Valentine's Day:

Country Heart Garland

Tan craft felt
Dark brown embroidery floss or No. 5 mercerized cotton thread
Small red buttons
Waxed twine
Heart-shaped template or cookie cutter, 1-2 inches in diameter
Doll needle
Straight pins
Sharp scissors

Trace and cut two heart shapes for each finished heart you would like on your garland. Center and sew a button on the front side of half the heart shapes, then pin the fronts to their backs and blanket stitch around the edges of each pair. Once all the hearts are done, thread the waxed twine through the topmost stitch on the back of each heart (you may need to use the needle to help you). Slide the hearts along the twine until you have the spacing/length you would like, then cut the twine. The garland is now ready to hang!



  1. LOVE! This would be a nice garland to hang across a window! I have just the place!😊

    1. Excellent! It's a great start-and-stop piece (i.e. start two years ago, finish last month...). You'll be much faster!


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