Thursday, December 31, 2015

Line Upon Line

As I realized the year was drawing rapidly to a close, I remembered there was one thing I had to make sure to do: write a fourth and final installment in a year of seasons on The High Line. Having started with Winter, then Spring and Summer, I made the trip in October to see my favorite reclaimed space in Fall. I took a LOT of photos - some good, some interesting, and some that were not so great! In truth, I was expecting lots of golds, yellows, and reds; but what I noticed as I reviewed the images was a consistent palette of greens, with many blooms in purples and whites. Asters were everywhere as one might expect at that time of year, like these lilac-colored twilight asters:

The striking blooms on this chocolate white snakeroot were like miniature pom-poms, and another example of the wonderful variety of plantings in the park:

Although not titled as such, the setting sun gave a lovely purple glow to this stand of pink muhly grass:

I thought the little white flowers of the wild spurge were charming on their delicate stems - even though the name sounds rather harsh!

I was delighted to discover the petals on this ironweed end in curlicues, and their color provided excellent contrast to the spent blooms around them:

One plant I looked for in particular was the wild quinine with their oddly rounded flowers, both interesting and unusual. And yes, the plant does contain quinine - gin and tonic, anyone?

There were many others, and many that I missed according to the monthly bloom list. But one I hadn't expected to see was the purple hyacinth bean, abundant with blooms and pods, carelessly twined around a railing:

high line fall new york city

I can't seem to get enough of this wonderfully unique place, and although this is the last post of the series, this is certainly not the last visit. There is always more to see, more to learn, and more to enjoy - both at home and abroad - and I look forward to continuing the adventure with you! So, until next time (and hopefully not too long from now), I wish you a peaceful, safe, and very Happy New Year!!!



  1. Maybe I should "Spurge" on a trip to the land of Wild Quinine? ;-) Seriously, I truly enjoyed the beautiful photos and insightful comments through your Four Seasons tour of the Highline! When Moosie & I hiked along it, we had a time constraint that prevented us from appreciating all that unique landscape had to offer. So, Thank you!!

    1. You are most welcome, and there is always more to see! I hope you will be able to "spurge" on another trip there to enjoy it all in person :-)


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