Friday, April 17, 2015

Held in Reserve

As you've probably guessed, I'm a huge fan of public spaces that cater to human aesthetics while providing a habitat for plants and wildlife at the same time. Recent excursions have included Central Park and The High Line, both of which I loved immensely. Last month, I visited the Manasquan Reservoir, and it was just as inspiring:

Manasquan Reservoir

This vast, open space was equal parts invigorating and calming - you can't look at all that water and be anything but relaxed! The thing that attracted me the most was how well human access was integrated into the natural setting. You can stay on the paverstone deck and walkway near the docks and boat launches, or you can continue around the entire perimeter along the rougher gravel trail.

In addition to its natural beauty and all the available activities, the reservoir does also function as a water supply for the surrounding area. However, it's so lovely, you'd never even know it:

Oh, and that wildlife I mentioned earlier? It's there, too :-)


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