Monday, March 02, 2015

The Seedier Side of Life

With Spring planting just a few weeks away, I'm of course very excited to get back out in the yard and start my garden. In preparation, my first task was to sort through the seeds I already had, and determine what I would need to buy for this year. Although seed packets are dated and expected to be used within the year they're issued, I can't bring myself to throw unused seeds away - it feels too much like throwing food away. I store them in resealable bags in a cool, dark, dry part of the house, and so far they haven't let me down!

As I posted before, my garlic is already in the ground percolating, and I know that my cherry tomatoes will gleefully volunteer themselves all over the place once the soil warms up sufficiently (Who said tomato plants were delicate? They lied). I found I had a number of greens already in my collection as well, plus an abundance of carrot seeds in a separate container:

seed packets spring planting

This year, I want to devote one of the garden beds entirely to edible flowers. I'm planning an outer border of nasturtiums, an inner border of chamomile, with taller borage to fill in the center:

What was left to buy? The one thing I really still wanted was zucchini - and not just any variety, but my all-time favorite, Romanesco:

I may buy single seedlings of a few other vegetables later in the Spring, but the seeds I already have will form the basis of my crops this year. Now, if only all that snow would melt so I could see the ground!


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