Thursday, January 01, 2015

And A Bacon New Year!!! How to Make a Bacon Sandwich

Pork is traditional fare on New Year's Day, having to do with the symbolic way in which our porcine friends nose their way forward through life. And, let's be honest, there's no better way to enjoy pork than by eating bacon :-) Since you may also have need of some extra carbs and fat after the excesses of last night, this is just the sandwich for you:

bacon sandwich

Bacon Sandwich

For each sandwich:
3-4 slices pork bacon (preferably nitrate/nitrite free), cooked until crisp and lightly drained
2 slices good white bread
Softened butter

Generously butter both pieces of bread, then sandwich bacon between bread, close and cut in half. Enjoy!

Notes: The salty bacon is wonderful with the sweet, creamy butter, and the bread helps you hold it all together and soak up those flavors. Even so, this is a rich sandwich, so have it the traditional way with a big mug of steaming hot tea! And be sure to save that bacon fat—use it to sauté greens, grease a pan for baking cornbread, or sweating your veggies when making soups and stews :-)

Liquid gold.


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