Monday, December 15, 2014

Some Like It Hot: How to Make Hand-Stitched Holiday Coasters

As the days close in and the air gets colder, we all start reaching for our biggest mug and fill it with a hot beverage to keep us feeling toasty and warm. And what could be better than a cute, festive coaster upon which to place it? These are easy, sweet, and another homemade item perfect for holiday giving. Package a set of coasters along with a loved one's favorite coffee or tea. Include a jar of homemade hot cocoa mix for an even more personal touch!

handmade holiday christmas drink coasters

Hand-Stitched Holiday Coasters

Colored craft felt
Solid or patterned fabrics (remnants/fat quarters)
Embroidery flosses or No. 5 mercerized cotton threads
Doll needles
Straight pins
Templates or cookie cutters in desired shapes
Ballpoint pen
Sharp scissors (regular and pinked)

For each coaster, cut out two circles about 4 inches in diameter - one in felt for the back, and one for the front in either felt or fabric  (I traced around the bottom of a yogurt container for the coasters pictured above). Create an embellishment using a small template or mini cookie cutter in the shape of your choice. Center the embellishment on the front circle, secure with a straight pin, and stitch around the edge leaving a small border. Once done, match the front and back of coaster together, smooth and secure with straight pins. Again, leaving a small border, stitch along the outside edge, tie off in between the two layers and bury the "tail" in between them as well. Create a set of coasters with either all the same embellishment, or mix and match for variety.

Notes: This is a great way to use odds and ends of felt and fabric you may already have on hand. When working with fabric pieces, the embellishments can be cut with straight scissors, but any fabric fronts should be cut with pinking shears to help keep them from fraying. Instead of an embellishment, the fronts can be embroidered with a festive design or the recipient's initial.


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